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Company News About What should I pay attention to when purchasing a handheld printer?
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What should I pay attention to when purchasing a handheld printer?

Latest company news about What should I pay attention to when purchasing a handheld printer?

Many customers want to buy the cheapest inkjet printer. This kind of psychology is understandable as a consumer, but there are many risks and problems in buying a very cheap, especially hand-held coding opportunities that are significantly lower than the average market price. It also requires us to anticipate and think ahead of time! Today, Rad Dejie will share with you what you need to pay attention to when purchasing a handheld printer. (There are eggs at the end of the article)


First, pay attention to the printing distance required by the product.
Handheld printers have been in the Chinese domestic market for many years, and the reason why they have not been developed is largely due to the limitations of their use of marking products.
Many customers believe that this new type of equipment is advanced and widely used. This view is one-sided. Handheld inkjet printers have been in existence for many years. Why is it not developed and promoted? The biggest reason is that it has very obvious limitations. The working principle is very similar to that of high-resolution inkjet printers. Need to be close to the product.
Only the architecture is different, from the computer program connection control to the handheld touch screen control, the nozzles are the same, usually using HP ink cartridges (TIJ thermal foaming coding technology), the printing distance is required within 5mm, if the surface is not met For flat products, the printing effect will be greatly reduced, and the aesthetics and clarity will not reach the level of close-range printing. This characteristic limits the scope of its use to a certain extent, because many factory workshops have lines, products to the nozzles. Distance or request will not be within 5mm.


Second, pay attention to the drying speed and adhesion of the coded content.
For the material of the product, the surface is permeable. In the daily application of the handheld printer, it is very important. The slow-drying hand-held ink cartridges generally have a drying speed of about 10 seconds (permeability materials such as paper and corrugated boxes). Except for), the quick-drying type of ink cartridges generally have a drying speed of about 5 seconds.
The common problem from HP HP ink cartridges, ink drying speed and stability of use has always been a contradiction. It is also a problem that users who use handheld printers have to face. The main reason is the type of ink and the machine. The basic hardware configuration restrictions such as the pressure pump, the user must be cautious in the selection, it is best to have a real machine for on-site testing, not just to see the proofing effect decided to buy a handheld printer.
Drying too fast will affect the normal coding of the nozzle, pause for a few tens of seconds or a few minutes without printing, and then it is very unclear. 128 nozzle holes are very easy to have slight or severe blockage, which directly affects the coding. Print quality. Slow drying will help stability, but on some surface materials with poor permeability, it will not dry for a long time, and the hand or product will migrate with the product and rub, pollute the product or the environment.
Hand-held inkjet printers are more suitable for planarization products, and the distance between the nozzles and the products needs to be very close, which makes us a lot of irregular products or some products with uneven surface, can not form a clear coding effect, and look good The sample will be greatly discounted.


Third, pay attention to the reserve of consumables and the pre-purchasing of ink cartridges.
A standard handheld printer is equipped with a cartridge capacity of 42 ml. If it is calculated according to the 3-line content (printing date, batch number, etc.), generally one cartridge can print about 50,000 pieces of information (if printing) If the information parameter is set, for example, if the resolution DPI is set to 300 or more, the number of printed information will be less.
Consumables are also required to be reserved in advance, including synchronizers, batteries, transmission belts, etc. In the event of problems with these components, if we have reserves, we can let the machine resume work quickly. If not, we need to send the courier by factory. Will delay a lot of time.
Because the handheld is using HP HP ink cartridges, the content of the single-jet printing information can only reach 12.7mm, which will result in some large-size content being unable to be coded. If you want to print large-format content, you can only select multiple nozzles. With splicing, the procurement cost will be greatly increased, and the ink usage will be doubled. Low procurement costs and high cost of use are a real problem that handhelds cannot escape.
On the surface, handheld printers do not require solvents, which can save customers, users, and factory floors. In fact, the ink capacity of handheld devices is very small, often only a few tens of milliliters, and even 500 small print machines. 1000ML ml is a far cry from the previous one, and the cost of later use and maintenance is high.


From the above description, we can easily see that these three factors need to be prioritized when selecting and purchasing handheld printers. From these points, we can determine whether we need such a handheld code. machine.