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Company News About What is the TIJ inkjet printer
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What is the TIJ inkjet printer

Latest company news about What is the TIJ inkjet printer

TIJ inkjet printer means high resolution thermal inkjet printer. The printheat would be heated by the heating device , and then the ink is heated and turned to bubbles , edited characters spit out from the nozzle.
TIJ inkjet printer widely apply for industrial printing of food,beverage,electronic, pharma,industrial,auto,packaging,etc. No material restriction,like carton,plastic,ceramic,metal,wooden PVC,PP,PE and so on. All of hese object all can be printed to a fabulous effect.
Advantage of TIJ inkjet printer

1. High Quality
The first set of high resolution inkjet printer; HP quality, Guaranteed.
2.Free Maintenance
The ink system and the nozzle are integrally packaged,No moving parts, no ink leakage, nozzle free maintenance,Except for consumables, there is no other hidden cost.
3.Low Cost
Super Cheap, Low Cost of Use; 20% less ink consumption than the others.
4.Multiple Applications
Multiple inks and colors, no material restrictions. Plug and spray, environmental protection, safety and convenience! Software and hardware customization services to provide quality solutions.


Our TIJ inkjet printer
1.Multi-threaded control system
Can perform information editing, system setting,Device status monitoring, ink consumption measurement and other functions at printing state.


2.Double nozzle channel
We always pay attention to the perfect print quality. When the print quality is degraded, the multi-thread system allows you to quickly switch nozzles to ensure perfect print quality.


3.Original scanning function (optional)
A powerful multi-threaded system that supports connection with scanners for real-time conversion and coding of 1D codes, QR codes and character information.


4.Print automatic cache
The multi-thread system automatically prints the buffer, which not only greatly improves the printing speed, but also ensures the accuracy of the time (seconds) printing.


5.Database support
PC software supports MS Excel, MS Access, SQL2000, SQL2005, SQL2008 and other library files to print. Application support such as SDK and API. A variety of communication protocols and SDK, API and other application support, making it easy for you to access integration or secondary personal development.


6.External data source
The device side can integrate system integrators and manufacturers' external data through USB, Ethernet and RS232 interfaces.


7.Software customization service
A strong R&D team and 20 years of industry application experience, through the printer as a carrier, to provide you with customized services for a variety of applications. (such as : product quality and safety traceablility system, anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling management system,consumer management system, etc.)