What is the difference between the different price printers?

November 9, 2019

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There is a difference in the nature of the printer. It is necessary to conduct more rational analysis from several aspects. First, from the surface, look at the functional configuration and see the convenience and scalability of the software operating system. The second is to see the actual performance of the printer in the later use process: whether the stability is excellent, whether the consumables are saved, whether the maintenance is convenient, and whether the comprehensive service life is sufficient.

The basic principles of the printer are the same, the only difference is the structural design (including ink path design, nozzle design, circuit design), software functions (functional configuration, user-friendly operation), except for these two points, it will not There are too many essential differences.

In terms of hardware, the pressure pump, solenoid valve, nozzle, etc. can be quickly judged and compared through the configuration list, but as a function configuration, the printers of different price points are still very different, for example, in terms of stability of use. As well as the extension of the later functions, whether it has certain advantages, whether there are mature solutions and long-term application effects, it is particularly important.

In addition to the visible hardware differences, printers of different price points have great differences in the experience of software. Although they all claim to be more humanized experiences, they still need to be compared to find their respective advantages. Inferior, whether it is more concise button layout, whether the daily work information storage and calling is simple and easy to understand, whether the ordinary operators can use the training in a short time can be completely independent and use, we need to compare and verify.

There are also some hidden value differences, which is the service we mentioned above. With the development of the printer industry, it is no longer feasible to rely solely on the printer to sell the model. More integration The customer's needs, the design of the overall program, often mixed with the needs of the upgrade and transformation of the automated production line.