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Company News About What is the "anti-counterfeiting printer"? What are the functions?
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What is the "anti-counterfeiting printer"? What are the functions?

Latest company news about What is the

What is a "anti-counterfeiting printer"?

The meaning of the anti-counterfeiting inkjet printer is not to say that the inkjet printer itself can be anti-counterfeit, but that the inkjet printer is set by software function to realize the variable printing information, so that the product forms a single ID code encoding information. .

There are many types of printers, not all of them are suitable for product security:

First, the small character inkjet printer.

It can be applied to all kinds of common fast-food products such as foods and beverages. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, building materials industry and daily cosmetics industry. In the past, it has more conventional contents such as printing production date, expiration date and batch number.

With the popularization of industrial identification information technology, more manufacturers are willing to make the logo more colorful, realize the bridge structure between manufacturers and consumers, and make marketing more diversified and younger.

The advantage of the device is high maturity, good stability, can be suitable for a variety of high-speed production lines, and the coding speed is faster; the disadvantage is that the resolution is limited, and the recognition rate of the two-dimensional code is inferior to that of the thermal foaming high-resolution device.

Second, high resolution inkjet printer.

The high-resolution printer includes high-resolution inkjet printers using HP's HP ink cartridges and high-resolution inkjet printers from the UK's Xaar printheads, all of which enable wide-format printing with sprinklers that can be stitched together for large-format coding.

On all types of carton packaging products or some permeable materials, the use of high-resolution inkjet printers is a better choice, enabling a clearer coding effect.

The expansion function is also relatively complete, and it can realize variable database coding, variable barcode, and two-dimensional code coding. It is very easy to use in the one-to-one code and Internet of Things era.

Third, the laser marking machine.

The types of laser marking machines are commonly used in CO2, fiber optics and ultraviolet. The principle of these three devices is basically the same, except that the wavelength of light is different and the materials are suitable.

The coding effect of the laser marking machine itself can play a certain anti-counterfeiting effect, because it can not be wiped off, can not be applied, and the natural advantage of anti-tampering, in some industries, such as the milk powder industry, has a wide range of applications.

What are the functions of the “Anti-counterfeiting printer”?
Under normal circumstances, the anti-counterfeiting inkjet printer needs to cooperate with the two-dimensional code traceability system. By generating the code system, the database file can be generated in advance according to the rules and predetermined information in the SAAS platform, and then sent to the coding device to achieve continuous Online assignment.
With the visual data background, the anti-counterfeiting warning, anti-smuggling warning and other related functions are realized. The Raditech traceability system itself has anti-counterfeiting and anti-smashing function modules, which can be seamlessly connected with hardware devices.
Of course, the type of anti-counterfeiting inkjet printer we mentioned above is not perfect. It also includes other coding formats and equipment, such as invisible ink (anti-counterfeiting effect visible under ultraviolet light), printer, barcode printer, RFID tags, etc.
In the future, with the development and iteration of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology, more products will have more appeals for anti-counterfeiting, especially for some brands with high brand awareness and high added value. Radi Dejie will continue to work hard. From hardware to software, we provide our customers with a one-stop overall solution for identification.