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Company News About The Daily Maintenance of Inkjet Printer
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The Daily Maintenance of Inkjet Printer

Latest company news about The Daily Maintenance of Inkjet Printer

The Daily Maintenance of Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printer is a precision equipment. If the daily maintenance is not timely and accurate ,various faults will occur easily, bringing a lot of inconvenience in production. Therefore, the daily maintenance of inkjet printer is very important.The special person is needed for maintenance to ensure the work well in the production. We summed up the daily maintenance of inkjet printer for your reference in order to extend the inkjet printer lifespan and improve equipment working efficiency as well as reduce faults.


1、Inkjet printer regular inspection and maintenance

Check the level of ink and solvent every day.The ink or solvent should be added timely when the liquid level is too low. When adding ink it should not be too full.Or else, it’s easy to precipitate ,which not only wastes supplies also affects the print quality.

Check the ink viscosity every day,which is very important for the stable running of the printer. If the ink viscosity is high,which easily cause the main pump load increasing leading to motor diaphragm damaged; If ink viscosity is low, which easily leads to high-speed rotation of the pressure pump .Meanwhile,long-term high-speed rotation will reduce the pump lifespan! Besides,if the difference of the actual ink viscosity and set value is too large ,it will also affect the product's print quality. Therefore, we must ensure that the ink viscosity is normal.

Please clean and dry printhead before the printer starts work every day.Printhead is a key part of the printer.If the nozzle is too dirty,which will result in imnormal ink charging , big changes of voltage on deflection board and it will directly affect the print quality. Therefore we should clean the printhead immediately when it is too dirty and dry it with the hair dryer after washing.

Should clean the environment around the inkjet printer, in particular the printer crate and keep it clean to ensure that there is no ink stains on the crate in case caing corrosion. Clean the used solvent bottles and scrubbed shredded pieces.

Clean the filter and check the fan every week to prevent dust from entering the circuit system. Regular clean the air filter regularly can effectively make the air flow smoothly, to ensure that the circuit system temperature is maintained at room temperature. The fan is also a prerequisite for maintaining room temperature in the electronic system box.

Should be replaced the main filter regularly which is the important maintenance of inkjet printer content, because the ink impurity accumulation, easily to cause instability operation of inkjet printer, importantly because the filter plug, will seriously affect the life of the pressure pump, replacement of the filter regularly, will greatly extend the life of the pressure pump.


2、If the inkjet printer doesn’t work for a long time

No matter how long you keep the machine power supply off every time ,as long as the inkjet printer runs 2-3 times every week and you keep the ink line running for an hour every time, so you may use several times of short stops instead of prolonged downtime.


If the machine doesn’t start for 3 days, the nozzle will be blocked normally, especially anti-migration black ink printer.In this case the nozzle should be removed for cleaning

If the machine does not use for a long time (for example 10 days),the ink should be released and added into the solvent for maintenance,especially for the white inkjet printer.You see, it will cause the ink precipitation, causing serious damage to the machine because of a long time non-working.



3、The handling and placement of inkjet printer


In principle, each production line can only be placed on one printer, if production required, can be placed in a different ink color inkjet printer. Do not place more than two machines.


If the Inkjet printer has any problem , should contact the maintenance staff and solve it immediately . Can not arbitrarily carry the machine on other production lines。 When the machine is failed in evening but no staff on duty ,should move the machine to repairing room and note about it .dont put the damaged machine in workshop


In the handling of inkjet printer, should pay attention to gently.


4、The the use and custody of Consumables

Consumable is volatile, when store, should be less than 35 degrees, to avoid high temperature, away from fire, heat, must be well sealed and stored in a well ventilated place (closed good thick-walled iron storage).

Inkjet printer strictly corresponds to the consumption of brand and model use, shall not use alternatives, otherwise it will cause serious harm to the equipment.


When the solvent splashed into the eyes, immediately with plenty of water to clean the eye.


5、Regular training


Regular training for the operators, Only by constantly improving the operating skills to make the machine to achieve the best condition, but also to reduce unnecessary waste and product defects.

The Inkjet printer has a certain life, must be careful in daily use, attention to detail,pay attention to maintenance.